NCT LIGHTSTICK BY MEYou see it’s a globe because it’s TO THE WORLDSM please hire me I’m broke as…


You see it’s a globe because it’s TO THE WORLD

  1. SM please hire me I’m broke as shit, I can’t support my family of imaginary cas right now but I have some ok ideas that don’t involve minecraft blocks on a sticks.
  2. It has lil annotations and everything. Like the plastics.
  3. Because people sweat at concert the strap can be made out of silicon so it’s easy to clean.
  4. And it say NCT on it on the front and back but it’s like emBOSSed into the plastic.
  5. I did some research and it would be cheap to factory produce too because sphere are easier to make in factories than squares are.
  6. Plus people won’t accidentally bludgeon each other while dancing

P.s thanks for wiwnien lines, you’re still a shitty company