Whatever it takes, NCT can make it through Ins…

Whatever it takes, NCT can make it through
Inspired by the show Degrassi


Please stop dissing NCT’s managers

Hi, I don’t normally do things like this, Jdon’t feel to comfortable do posts of such seriousness but I feel this manager business has raised quite a lot of injustice towards NCT’s managers.

I was going around twitter and tumblr seeing this a lot so I’m here to talk about it. Everyone keeps pointing out how the managers are always telling them to stop doing things but as proof it’s always really short clips that give little to no context. A lot of the videos I saw on twitter made it seem the managers where being cruel but scrolling done to see comments there’s a lot of people showing the full clip with context of the managers telling them they are running out of time or trying to get their attention.

Even if they are lowering the mood deliberately, which they’re almost certainly not, it’s really unfair to assume it’s the managers solely. Nct as a whole only have 5-6 managers it not like it’s a manager per member , the majority of people around them are staff members of varying authority it could easily be one of them.

Remember the managers are really close to NCT, in some cases they live with them which we know from dream and the lucky three, they look after them like the heated pad they bought for jaemin when he was ill and we’ve seen interactions between the managers and the members like when they squished Chenle’s cheek or when Taeyong was joking with them on NCT life.

These aren’t just bosses these are people they know, are close with and fond of. Throwing anger and hatred towards them based on speculation and our opinions isn’t fair to them or NCT who might end up feeling guilty about the situation. We see them through a screen we don’t get to decide who’s right or wrong here.

Spread love not unresearched hate. Pretty please it’s probably having a bad effect on NCT you know how social media active they are.🌹🌺♥️

These are literally examples it took me a minute to find.