Jisung on Idol Room 🧡

Jisung on Idol Room 🧡

Let’s be Happy; Jisung.

Request: “Hi! Can you maybe write a scenario of Jisung liking the reader and she likes him back. But she’s not sure if they could start a relationship because she is the same age as Renjun and the rest of 00 Line? 💕 Thank you and sorry about my English. 😅”

Genre: Fluff.

Warnings: None.

Word count: 866.

Jisung sighed and lowered his sight as he listened to your soft giggles getting mixed with the slightly louder laughs of his friends. He blinked a couple of times when he lifted his head a couple of seconds later and his eyes met with yours. “Did she noticed?” He asked himself and, like if you were reading his mind, you answered with a small nod.

“I’ll go to the kitchen to get a glass of water, anyone wants something to drink?” It didn’t surprised any of you the way all the present members immediately started naming their favorite drinks and thanking you in advance.

“Jisung, you should go with her.” Suddenly one of the members said, and before he could even ask why, the other members were already answering the unasked question. “Yeah, you’re the youngest, you have to help her.”

He didn’t even bothered in answering and simply stood up from his seat and started to follow your steps to the kitchen.

He was tired of this. It was always him the one being teased by everyone and being asked to do things he didn’t even wanted to do. But he was used to that kind of things by now, he didn’t really mind it… unless you were around. The worst part? The other members already knew about his crush on you and about how embarrassed he was of the age difference in between both of you. Why would they do such mean things to him? It was too much. 

“Jisung?” You called his name, bringing him out of his thoughts. He looked at you and noticed right away how you were standing on the tip of your toes to reach one of the glasses in the tallest shelve, but barely being able to touch them. He smiled shyly as he walked towards you, easily grabbing the glasses. “Thank you.”

You smiled at him, but he ignored your gesture and as soon as he finished bringing down the cups he walked away to the fridge, taking out the bottles of soda and taking the advantage to avoid being close to you, since being near you never failed to make him nervous, not realizing the way the smile on your face faded completely in response of his action.

He started filling the cups to end this slightly awkward situation as fast as possible, but you stayed still on your spot, looking down at his hands before being brave enough to talk newly despite of feeling rejected.

“Everything is okay? Are you mad at me?” The surprisingly sad voice tone in your words puzzled Jisung and made him lost his focus completely, making him spill liquid out of the glass and all over his hands, but he ignored this and started denying your question in desperation. The last thing he wanted now was to offend you.

“No! Not at all, Y/N! I promise. I-I’m, ah, I’m… well- Uhm…” You reacted fast and grabbed a paper towel that was somewhere close and grabbed his hands, the action shut him up immediately, just the littlest of your touches could leave him completely speechless.

“I know there a certain age difference between us, I’m really self conscious of it as well but… do you really think is a big deal?” Now you voice was expressing a certain insecurity rather than some kind of sadness. Whenever you were around him you always tried to ignore the difference of age in between both of you and focus on the way your heart beat would raise, but it was like if your brain didn’t wanted to hear your heart but the logical side of you instead. You sighed when you didn’t got a response from Jisung and, after finishing drying his hands and throwing away the wet paper, you hugged him in search of comfort. “Why do I have to like you so much?”

Jisung gulped and it took him a while to hug you back, he was way too confused by everything that was happening, but for some reason he wasn’t even a little bit surprised by your confession. It was like if both of you always knew how much you loved each other but there was something holding both of you back from dating… but not anymore.

“I thought you were the one worried of our age difference…”

“Well, to me it seems like you have a harder time accepting it.” You sighed and separated from him, but before you could even turn around one of his hands grabbed yours tenderly, so much that you could feel a couple of butterflies flying around your stomach.

“But do you think it matters? At the end of the day they’re just numbers. And, yes, people would definitely have lots of opinions about but at the end of the day they’re just voices. Let’s just stop worrying about everything and let’s be happy instead.”

You smiled, and you could swear that never before in your life you felt so loved and special. How could this kid know the exact way of how to make you so immensely happy? You didn’t know, but you simply smiled in response and nodded softly.

“Let’s be happy, Jisung.”

Long Distance Relationship w/ Jisung

  • so, I think, overall, jisung would be able to handle pretty well a long distance relationship
  • despite of being a kid who likes attention and wants to be loved, he’s really chill so he wouldn’t have much trouble
  • actually, he would find it pretty fun and interesting even
  • like he’d learn your schedule so he knows when he can text you and call you and sometimes you two even Skype together
  • social media makes it so easy for him that he doesn’t even care about all the distance you have in between
  • like he always wakes you up with the cutest good morning text
  • “good morning, ugly 🤧”
  • “hhhheeeelllloooo, you awake? 🐭🐭🐭”
  • “morning, you cupcake!! did you sleep well? 🤓💕”
  • the emojis are a must okay
  • he also wishes you a goodnight, obvs, but he’s kinda scared that he texted you once you were already asleep and you wake up bc of his message so you two agreed that you’re the one wishing him a goodnight
  • and he’s really strict with his okay
  • it doesn’t matter how many hours of difference there’s in between you two, it can be 3 pm in the afternoon in Korea and my boy wants his goodnight text at 3 pm okay
  • also, his schedule is pretty full as well, even if you were next to him he’s not even sure of how often he would be able to see you
  • also, even if he had you by his side… he’s too shy and flustered irl, you know?
  • I feel like his shyness is something he’s a bit self-conscious about??
  • and through texts and maybe calls it’s much easier for him to write down all the feelings he has for you and express himself better
  • bc yeah he would still be a loser and send you silly texts but he can also be really sentimental whenever he wants to okay
  • “I can’t wait for the day in which I can finally see your face, baby”
  • “I thought about it a lot and, I’ll probably take you to the cinema in our first date”
  • “after the popcorn is finished we can hold hands <3”
  • okay not too sentimental but he’s kinda cute <3
  • the only problem is when the other dreamies grab his phone and start teasing him for how lame he is
  • “hello y/n!! haechan here, howcha doing, beautiful??”
  • “????? hYunG wHy ArE yOU cALLiGN mY gIRlfRienDdfghjGFD?????!!!”
  • “so what time is there, cutie? isn’t it like 8 am? why aren’t you in school? it’s weekend int here already?”
  • “hYunGggGg mY pHOnEeE!>”””!>”
  • “anyways so, I saw jisung’s texts and I saw that he called you his baby????? so I called to make sure that you were aware that he is a baby himself you know, like, he’s a 2002 liner??? did you know that?”
  • “hYunGg of course she knows my age,,,”
  • “oh, you do? I thought he lied about his age, you know? I don’t want your relationship to be a lie you cutie. anyways have he talked about how tall he is?? like he’s real giant, he’s tryna have his phone back rn and he’s chasing me with his long legs and he’s not letting me talk w you in peace, isn’t he like so disrespectful¿¿¿? why are you dating him?? lol”
  • and that was only haechan, imagine all 6 of them teasing him lmao
  • but to be fair, they’re also his best comfort
  • whenever jisung is more silent or distracted they know™ that something happened to him
  • and they immediately cling all over him and give him all the kisses and hugs you can’t <3 :’)
  • bc, yeah, he would be very mature and would handle a long distance relationship pretty well… unless it gets hard for you
  • like if you ever feel sad or you are missing him a lot and you start talking about with him he would get like really soft and kinda sad too :((
  • he just HATES IT when you’re sad
  • once you called him crying and he was literally considering the possibility of just fucking booking an airport ticket @ your country and just go bc he just can’t stand it
  • he can’t help himself from thinking about you all the time and try to find a solution to this problem you have but he also feels so powerless bc of his age and work :((
  • poor baby fhjdksl and the other dreamies have to be taking him out for ice cream and being nice with him until he does back to normality
  • dreamies are such squad goals ugh I’m jelly
  • anyWays lmao
  • probably cried when he heard jaehyun doyoung and taeil singing sun & moon for the first time
  • and that same day he called you meanwhile they were practicing it and you cried too
  • and you two big babies had to be comforted by the vocal line aw :((( that’s so sad what the heck
  • that’s when the other member knew™ that you two little precious babies had to be together and planned a whole trip to your country for his/your bd (whichever is closer to today’s date lmao)
  • “hi y/n, taeyong here, uhmm, can you tell me where you live?”
  • “may I ask why you care?”
  • “we may or may not be on your country’s airport with a sleepy jisung who’s probably gonna wake up any time soon bc we wanted to surprise you for your/jisung’s birthday… aNywaYs, don’t think it too much but we didn’t realize that we need your address before calling the taxi you know… just.. pleasE?”
  • one never knows what to expect form this guys what can I say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

These are just some extra photocards I got whe…

These are just some extra photocards I got when I received my albums 💕💫