Jisung on Idol Room 🧡

Jisung on Idol Room 🧡

Younger brother!Yuta.

  • uhh,, overall, a really good brother
  • I’d said that is the normal love-hate relationship that almost all the siblings have but honestly it’s not because y’all love each other way too much
  • he’d definitely love bothering you and sometimes he can be pretty annoying and make you hate him a bit but he knows his limits well so you two don’t really fight too much
  • but despite of being annoying, he’s funny, so he’s more of the kind of brother who would always make you laugh with his silliness <3 
  • like you two would be fighting about something silly and he’d suddenly say something silly that would make you lose the fight bc you just couldn’t help but laugh
  • and then you two are, laughing at some nonsense he said, lmao
  • and he would be really clingy too jgfdksdhg
  • every time you see each other after some time of being apart he can hug you for like a whole hour without stop, he’s just a sweetheart and loves you way too much
  • probably calls you every night as well, if you study or work he would remember the dates of all your tests, obligate you to study for those and always wish you lots of good luck
  • “if you do well on your exam, in my next holiday I’ll go home and I’ll invite you to eat and then buy you whatever you want”
  • but if you fail the exam he’d buy you takeaway and maybe flowers or a lil plushie to cheer you up
  • and every time he goes back to Osaka he always brings Korean candy and more present anyways so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • and if you’re the one giving him presents,,, man, he’s gonna be grateful for the rest of his life
  • you could just give him cute socks and he’d smile widely and think of you every time he sees them and wear them <3 aw
  • but !!!!!!! we all know how yuta’s personality is so don’t think you got it too easy, gurl
  • if you think that just because he’s younger than you he would stop himself from being as savage as he always is,,, then you’re wrong boo
  • he’s just a really energetic little baby and need’s attention 24/7okay, and is your job as his sister to provide him with a bunch of love and attention :’)
  • so you’ll have to deal with his annoying ass lmao rip
  • but to be fair, he was even worst when he was a kiddo, nowadays he at least has some respect for you lmao
  • I can see teenager!yuta asking you to take him to all his football practices and make you pick him up as well
  • but, at the same time, he’d hate it when his friends start to flirt with you lmao
  • bECaUSe hE wOulD bE sO jEaLoUs
  • even nowadays tbh, if he can’t tolerate any nct member breathing anywhere near you
  • “y/n, come here, sit on my seat”
  • “???? why???? I have my own seat here????”
  • “yeah but Johnny is too close to you, I don’t like it”
  • everyone would laugh at his comment but both of you now really well that he would be dead serious as he speaks lmao
  • the only member he’d like you to be close with would be winwin and the dreamies, the rest of nct can choke lmao
  • but once he found winwin giving you a kiss on the cheek and yuta wasn’t sure if he should kill him for touching his sis or you for touching his man lmao
  • so he ended up not talking to either of you for a week but neither you or winwin really cared so he just got even more jealous bc he wanted to be part of your convos too >:( so he just had to deal with the fact that winwin loves you more lmao
  • so yeah, he’s pretty jealous little brother aw but he’s much more of a protective brother than a jealous one
  • if someone ever hurt you in any possible way,,, then that person is dead, yuta is not letting anyone talk shit to his sis
  • and when he’s in public with you in idk crowded places or things like that he’d be always holding you in someway so he can’t lose you and make sure you’re safe
  • and if he notices that you’re sad or angry he’d literally make you tell him absolutely everything, he doesn’t even care if you don’t want to talk about it, he’d still obligate you
  • but when you do speak you’d feel so much better???? especially since his clingy ass would be hugging you and being a total sweetheart with you
  • then he’d just need a little silly joke here and there and boom, nakamoto yuta strikes again in making you feel happy
  • lots of anime sessions over here
  • he doesn’t care if you don’t like it, he’s obligating you start that 100 episodes anime with him anyways
  • and if you like sports, he’s totally gonna make you run around and even play football with him
  • and if you like singing/dancing/rapping he’s as well gonna make you practice with him
  • gurl, we’re talking about nakamoto yuta here, he has millions of talents, I promise you’ll never be bored around him
  • and he’s as well the sweetest human ever, you don’t even know how lucky you’re for having this king on your life
  • so be a good sister and always take care of him, okay? <3

Dear Na Jaemin,

Our deadly sweet who everyone loves so much, is your birthday once again! We have been separated from one another for so long but now we’re back together and it feels like if nothing changed at all, it’s like if both of us still love each other the same or, even better, like if all this time that we couldn’t see each other we only grew needier for the other, don’t you agree? Well, let me tell you that is my second time celebrating this special day with you and I can ensure that with the pass of the days all the love that I feel for you only grows a little bigger and bigger every day.

All of us missed you terribly but we are as well enormously glad that you chose the right decision and took your time to take a proper care of yourself and heal completely before coming back. Now, knowing that you’re feeling much better than before, I can’t be any more happier. I hate seeing you in any kind pain. I wish it was me the one being hurt instead of you so I could set you free from any bad experiences you possibly had int he process of being sick, but sadly that’s not possible. But, even if that was the case, I would never never be able to keep my mind positive and take advantage of the situation to  become even stronger like you did. I have so much respect for you.

Na Jaemin, the boy with the most sincere smiles and the brightest eyes, happy birthday to you! I wish you so much happiness and love not only today but for the rest of the days as well. What can I say? You’re such a kind and lovable kid and that’s exactly what you deserve.

Happy birthday, Jaemin. Let’s work hard to live happily and to make our dreams come true.

N.Achieve #6: Rules.

A/N: Thank you very much for reading my rules, it’s a subtle way of showing respect to me and I really appreciate it. I hope you have a good day/afternoon/night and I hope that you enjoy my writings as well! 💕💖

  • No smut. I won’t accept smut requests now and I’ll never do. Don’t try to “convince me” to do so because I just won’t, okay? I respect every single member with my entire life and I just can’t look at them as a sex toy that you look up to have some fun and pleasure. No. And if that’s not enough for you, I’d like to point out that I’m still underage. So just don’t fucking dare.

  • No sensitive topics. No raping, self harm, mental health, etc. Just don’t. This blog was created to share happiness and entertainment, this just won’t work out.

  • No ships or poly couple requests. Makes me uncomfortable. And, if possible, try to avoid including more than one member in a request. I like my scenarios to be focused in one specific member.

  • If you don’t specify if you want a headcanon/scenario I’ll just write the one that I’ll think that would be the best. It happens a lot and I always do the same: “Would this request fit better a scenario or a headcanon?” Then I choose one of the two. If you want something specific please let me know.

  • I decided to only write about specific subunits. I love all 18 members but writing for all of them in one go is not something easy to do. Takes too much time and it can be pretty stressing since I might run out of creativity and make lots of the reactions repetitive or hit writer’s block. I’ll accept reactions for NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream and liners (for example, the Hyung Line or the Foreigner line to the ‘94 Liners or the ‘00 Liners) as well as only taking request for individual members (for example, only requesting a reaction for Taeil, Kun, Winwin, Renjun and Chenle and not the rest of them).

  • Please be patient. I tend to be busy with school, projects and just life, you know? Also, it drives me insane when people keep asking about their requests over and over again. I have a To-Do List that would confirm you if I got your request or not, and if you don’t see it in there after a couple of days please message me again because it’s common that Tumblr has mistakes like that and I don’t get some requests. I also don’t answer asks until the request is actually posted.

  • I can and will turn down requests if they don’t follow these rules, if I don’t feel comfortable doing so or just if I don’t feel confident writing them. As you may notice, I write mostly fluff and angst and I give my opinions on how the members might react in certain situations but when it comes to other stuff I’m just terrible. I have seen really talented people doing incredible Wolf/Vampire/Weird and Magical!Aus that… are interesting, but they aren’t really my style? So I beg for you not to recommend anything like that.

  • Check if requests are open before requesting. This one is so obvious, I know, but it keeps happening. In my ask box there should be a text informing you if my requests are open or closed. In case of being in a mobile device, at the very bottom of the link in my bio and in every single one of N.Achieve that I have there should also be a little text informing you. Please respect whenever the ask box is closed because there is always a reason behind it, okay? Too much requests, too little time, too many projects… there is always a reason.

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N.Achieve #5: Series.

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NCT Dream’s reaction to you kissing their jaw/…

Request: “can you please do a reaction of nct’s so kissing their jaw/neck bc they were trying to kiss their lips but was too short?”


Mark would start laughing at your cuteness right away as he instinctively grabs your hands to keep you close. Then, once both of you are more calmed down, he can kiss your forehead sweetly and then, finally, lower down a bit to be to your level so you can kiss his lips as much as you want but your kisses would be interrupted by a little smile of his, and once you separate from him he’ll continue to laugh a little more about how adorable you are.



I can see Renjun being just as giggly as Mark, but the difference between these two is that is really easy to make Renjun feel flustered with little things like this, so you’d definitely notice that he would nervously start playing with your fingers and looking down as he waits a little for both of you to stop laughing before looking shyly at you and bending down a little to kiss you himself. It’s this kind of sweet and cute moments what make your relationship be so pure and cute.



Jeno would smile widely almost immediately, showing off his gorgeous eye smile as you laugh at yourself. “Uhm, sorry, baby? You wanted something?” “Not really…” “Oh, really? Okay then, if you ever need something from up here just have to ask, you know?” You’d roll your eyes at his sarcasm before grabbing the collar of his shirt and bringing him down to your height yourself, stealing a couple of long kisses before both of you could continue laughing and making jokes.



I can see Haechan reacting in the same way as Renjun and Jeno, he could either be extremely shy or just start making joke out of the situation, but, if you ask me, I see Haechan as someone who, in private and romantic moments like this, he would rather get more shy and flustered than answer with sarcasm. He’d  bite his lips and even giggle a little but he wouldn’t want to make you wait for too long and he’d simply grab your waist and give you that kiss that you wanted as soon as possible. “Seems like I made someone get flustered…” “Shut up, Y/N.”



Jaemin would react calmly to this situation. We all know how Jaemin is, always taking his sweet time for doing every single one of his actions, so he’d definitely react slowly, first smiling widely and maybe even giggling a little as he looks down to then grab your hands as he makes a couple of teasing comments. “Seems like someone is a bit needy of my love, uhm?” Then he’d giggle once again at the way you rolled your eyes before putting you close and then giving you a long kiss.



Same reaction as Renjun here! He’d laugh cutely at the way you tried to kiss him and laugh even more when he notices the little pout on your lips after you failed to steal a kiss from him, but all those laughs would be his way of hiding how flustered you actually made him feel. In this case, you’d have to be the one kissing him because he’d be too shy to even get close to your lips. Once he stops giggling you’d have to make silent indications with your hands for him to get down to your eyes level so you can give him a little peck on his lips and get the kiss you wanted.



Jisung… he’d be mostly confused at first. “Why did you kiss my jaw?” “I wanted to kiss your lips but you’re a giant, baby.” Then is when he’d get a bit embarrassed and would start laughing at the situation. I can’t see Jisung starting the kiss so, just like Chenle, you’d have to be the one indicating him to bend down a little so you have easy access to his lips. Honestly, I can’t really see him being too flustered, he’d probably start talking about his and your height and get surprised with the difference between both of you.


Perfect; Haechan.

Request: “can i request a scenario w donghyuck where he sees that you’re quite self conscious about your darker, sort of like tawny brown skin, like to the point where you wear long sleeves/pants/sweatshirts in warm/summer weather to cover your skin, and he realizes this and tries to help you boost your confidence and all that? jsjsjsj it sounds kinda weird but like my skin color is something that i used to have a lot of self confidence issues about :(”

Genre: Fluff.

Warnings: None.

Word count: 550.

His soft and plump lips left sweet and tender kisses all over your face, wiping away the couple of tears in the process. His arms were tightly wrapped around your figure and he seem to deny letting you go any time soon.

“You’re gorgeous, princess.” Haechan whispered in your ear with his deadly soft voice as he ruined his fingers through your hair in slow motions, knowing that his caresses never failed to calm you down. “You’re so stunning. Absolutely everything about you is perfect.”

For some reason, you started crying a little harder after hearing his words, but as soon as he shut up he started, once again, to continue leaving more kisses over your skin. You were marked now with little invisible kisses all over your hands, wrists, shoulders and even your neck and jaw. Every kiss was accompanied with a caress, with his sweet words and some of them even with little sighs of sadness because there was nothing he hated more than seeing you feeling so upset by something like this, especially since he loved your skin color so much. In his eyes you were more then perfect. How could you not see all the beauty there was in you? You were so angelic…

Both of you were in your room, and you had the luck of him finding you looking at yourself in the mirror, wearing a sleeveless t-shirt with an indescribable face expression which explained perfectly all the self confidence issues you had about your skin color. Haechan didn’t even had to say or ask anything to you since he could read your expression with ease, and just by noticing the way you had your arms crossed in discomfort he could sense that you were feeling extremely insecure like this.

“Did you thought I wouldn’t notice the way you’re always wearing t-shirts with long sleeves and sweatshirts even in warm a weather? Babe, you’re not fooling anyone. Please stop doing this to yourself. You’re so perfect…” You gulped nervously after hearing his words and you stepped back to look at him in the eyes, but little did you know that the sincerity that you found on them would be too much for you to handle under these circumstances. Without doubts he repeated his words one more time. “You’re perfect.”

You blinked a couple of times before hugging him one more time. You wanted to thank him for being so sweet and for helping you so much in this sweet way of his, understanding your pain and not incrementing it by judging you or scolding you. How did you get so lucky to have someone like him next to you?

“I’ll promise to help you, okay? I promise. By giving small steps like this you’re doing so much.” He said while looking at your reflection in the mirror, your gaze went to your skin color once again, looking at your arms with that specific expression but you quickly got distracted by the way his hands were holding yours. You immediately relaxed in his arms. He could make you feel so beautiful and strong so easily… it was stupid how much control he had on your feeling, but you were so glad of having such an angel next to you. “I’m so proud of you, baby.”

Let’s be Happy; Jisung.

Request: “Hi! Can you maybe write a scenario of Jisung liking the reader and she likes him back. But she’s not sure if they could start a relationship because she is the same age as Renjun and the rest of 00 Line? 💕 Thank you and sorry about my English. 😅”

Genre: Fluff.

Warnings: None.

Word count: 866.

Jisung sighed and lowered his sight as he listened to your soft giggles getting mixed with the slightly louder laughs of his friends. He blinked a couple of times when he lifted his head a couple of seconds later and his eyes met with yours. “Did she noticed?” He asked himself and, like if you were reading his mind, you answered with a small nod.

“I’ll go to the kitchen to get a glass of water, anyone wants something to drink?” It didn’t surprised any of you the way all the present members immediately started naming their favorite drinks and thanking you in advance.

“Jisung, you should go with her.” Suddenly one of the members said, and before he could even ask why, the other members were already answering the unasked question. “Yeah, you’re the youngest, you have to help her.”

He didn’t even bothered in answering and simply stood up from his seat and started to follow your steps to the kitchen.

He was tired of this. It was always him the one being teased by everyone and being asked to do things he didn’t even wanted to do. But he was used to that kind of things by now, he didn’t really mind it… unless you were around. The worst part? The other members already knew about his crush on you and about how embarrassed he was of the age difference in between both of you. Why would they do such mean things to him? It was too much. 

“Jisung?” You called his name, bringing him out of his thoughts. He looked at you and noticed right away how you were standing on the tip of your toes to reach one of the glasses in the tallest shelve, but barely being able to touch them. He smiled shyly as he walked towards you, easily grabbing the glasses. “Thank you.”

You smiled at him, but he ignored your gesture and as soon as he finished bringing down the cups he walked away to the fridge, taking out the bottles of soda and taking the advantage to avoid being close to you, since being near you never failed to make him nervous, not realizing the way the smile on your face faded completely in response of his action.

He started filling the cups to end this slightly awkward situation as fast as possible, but you stayed still on your spot, looking down at his hands before being brave enough to talk newly despite of feeling rejected.

“Everything is okay? Are you mad at me?” The surprisingly sad voice tone in your words puzzled Jisung and made him lost his focus completely, making him spill liquid out of the glass and all over his hands, but he ignored this and started denying your question in desperation. The last thing he wanted now was to offend you.

“No! Not at all, Y/N! I promise. I-I’m, ah, I’m… well- Uhm…” You reacted fast and grabbed a paper towel that was somewhere close and grabbed his hands, the action shut him up immediately, just the littlest of your touches could leave him completely speechless.

“I know there a certain age difference between us, I’m really self conscious of it as well but… do you really think is a big deal?” Now you voice was expressing a certain insecurity rather than some kind of sadness. Whenever you were around him you always tried to ignore the difference of age in between both of you and focus on the way your heart beat would raise, but it was like if your brain didn’t wanted to hear your heart but the logical side of you instead. You sighed when you didn’t got a response from Jisung and, after finishing drying his hands and throwing away the wet paper, you hugged him in search of comfort. “Why do I have to like you so much?”

Jisung gulped and it took him a while to hug you back, he was way too confused by everything that was happening, but for some reason he wasn’t even a little bit surprised by your confession. It was like if both of you always knew how much you loved each other but there was something holding both of you back from dating… but not anymore.

“I thought you were the one worried of our age difference…”

“Well, to me it seems like you have a harder time accepting it.” You sighed and separated from him, but before you could even turn around one of his hands grabbed yours tenderly, so much that you could feel a couple of butterflies flying around your stomach.

“But do you think it matters? At the end of the day they’re just numbers. And, yes, people would definitely have lots of opinions about but at the end of the day they’re just voices. Let’s just stop worrying about everything and let’s be happy instead.”

You smiled, and you could swear that never before in your life you felt so loved and special. How could this kid know the exact way of how to make you so immensely happy? You didn’t know, but you simply smiled in response and nodded softly.

“Let’s be happy, Jisung.”