Resentments; Jaemin.

Request: “Hey could you do a scenario of jaemin being jealous?”

Genre: Fluff.

Warnings: Cursing.

Word count: 885.

Jaemin blinked a couple of times as he looked at you through the cafe’s window. You were looking as beautiful as always, with natural makeup on and a pretty simple outfit that you could pull off so well that you would end up stealing looks form everyone. For the first time ever, he felt quite sad when he saw a wide smile on your face but when he noticed the way your eyes were shining so brightly and the way they expressed so much joy his body reacted by itself, making him enter to the small cafe with long steps and a expression of seriousness and concern on his face.

What was he supposed to do now? Weren’t both you supposed to have a date? Weren’t you supposed to waiting for him? He sighed as he walked towards your table and then called your name to have your attention, despite it was unnecessary since his tall figure was impossible to confuse and especially after walking towards you so abruptly. You greeted him with a sweet smile that hurt him yet his eyes didn’t left yours since he didn’t even wanted to look at the guy who was sitting in front of you, on his seat. His mind quickly found an excuse to take you out of there, he gulped before he started talking and in no time he started lying almost naturally.

“I’m sorry, baby, but Taeyong just told me that we have to go back to the dorms a little earlier tonight. Of course we still can have our date but… could we go somewhere else? Maybe… somewhere where we can be alone?”

The seriousness of his words surprised you but, after growing your eyebrows in confusion, you simply nodded and grabbed your things. Once you stood up, Jaemin’s hand immediately went to your waist, bringing you close to him.

“Who’s this?” Your guy friend asked in confusion, not being sure of how to react.

“Uh, well, he’s Jaemin, he’s my-”

“I’m her boyfriend, what’s up?” This time Jaemin couldn’t help himself from smiling after saying those words, especially after seeing the way you confirmed his words right away. “Shall we get going now, baby?”

Now, feeling more confident, Jaemin started to talk excitedly about what he had planned for the day, his hands always being over your body as you listened to him in silence, hundred of thoughts on your mind as you walked by his side. 

“Uhm?” You asked when Jaemin suddenly stoped walking and looked at you with concern, feeling surprised at the sudden attention. “Sorry, I-I wasn’t listening…”

“Yeah, I can tell.” You tried to laugh off the awkwardness but Jaemin still had that expression of worry on his face, and the fake smile on your face only made it worst. “I asked you if you were okay. Why are you so suddenly silent? Is it because of that guy in the cafe? Did he talk shit about you or something?”

“What? No! Not, at all, he was very sw-”

“Yeah, of course he didn’t, you were smiling from ear to ear when you were with him…” Jaemin said to himself in a low voice as he started to walk again, yet you were able to listen to his words perfectly. You froze on the spot for a second, not sure of how to react at first but, sooner than later, a little smile formed on your lips by itself. You quickly started to run behind him to surprise him with a back hug once you finally reached to where he was. No matter how hard he tried not to react, he couldn’t help it. After all, you were his weakness.

“There’s no need of resentments, baby. You know I only love you, right?” He sound of your voice and the soft kiss you left on his neck afterwards made him smile almost instantly, and he could feel his shoulders relaxing at your touch. “He’s just an old friend from high school, I don’t even remember liking him that much in the past, to be honest.”

“Oh, so he did talk shit about you, didn’t he? That’s it, I’m gonna kill him.” Jaemin said playfully as he started to walk on the opposite direction as if he was heading to the cafe, making you laugh as you held his wrist to stop him. Now facing you, his hands went as a natural reaction to your waist and brought you closer to him. A little kiss was placed on your forehead before he talked newly. “I’m really sorry for being so rude before, Y/N. Can I invite you, maybe, to a different cafe too we can spend time for ourselves only?”

“Didn’t Taeyong told you that we were supposed to go back to the dorms earlier tod-” Jaemin quickly stole a peck from your lips as a way of shutting you down, making you smile right after as you brought him closer to you for a longer kiss.

“Yeah, I’m really sorry for lying too… I was panicking.” You hugged him and melted on his embrace, resting your head on his chest as you were treasuring every second of the moment. “You’re really something else, Na Jaemin.”

“yeah, but you love me anyways. And I love you twice as much, princess.”

Sharp and deadly 🔪🔥 Cr. JKJS

Sharp and deadly 🔪🔥

Sharp and deadly 🔪🔥 Cr. JKJS

Sharp and deadly 🔪🔥