Jisung on Idol Room 🧡

Jisung on Idol Room 🧡

Perfect; Haechan.

Request: “can i request a scenario w donghyuck where he sees that you’re quite self conscious about your darker, sort of like tawny brown skin, like to the point where you wear long sleeves/pants/sweatshirts in warm/summer weather to cover your skin, and he realizes this and tries to help you boost your confidence and all that? jsjsjsj it sounds kinda weird but like my skin color is something that i used to have a lot of self confidence issues about :(”

Genre: Fluff.

Warnings: None.

Word count: 550.

His soft and plump lips left sweet and tender kisses all over your face, wiping away the couple of tears in the process. His arms were tightly wrapped around your figure and he seem to deny letting you go any time soon.

“You’re gorgeous, princess.” Haechan whispered in your ear with his deadly soft voice as he ruined his fingers through your hair in slow motions, knowing that his caresses never failed to calm you down. “You’re so stunning. Absolutely everything about you is perfect.”

For some reason, you started crying a little harder after hearing his words, but as soon as he shut up he started, once again, to continue leaving more kisses over your skin. You were marked now with little invisible kisses all over your hands, wrists, shoulders and even your neck and jaw. Every kiss was accompanied with a caress, with his sweet words and some of them even with little sighs of sadness because there was nothing he hated more than seeing you feeling so upset by something like this, especially since he loved your skin color so much. In his eyes you were more then perfect. How could you not see all the beauty there was in you? You were so angelic…

Both of you were in your room, and you had the luck of him finding you looking at yourself in the mirror, wearing a sleeveless t-shirt with an indescribable face expression which explained perfectly all the self confidence issues you had about your skin color. Haechan didn’t even had to say or ask anything to you since he could read your expression with ease, and just by noticing the way you had your arms crossed in discomfort he could sense that you were feeling extremely insecure like this.

“Did you thought I wouldn’t notice the way you’re always wearing t-shirts with long sleeves and sweatshirts even in warm a weather? Babe, you’re not fooling anyone. Please stop doing this to yourself. You’re so perfect…” You gulped nervously after hearing his words and you stepped back to look at him in the eyes, but little did you know that the sincerity that you found on them would be too much for you to handle under these circumstances. Without doubts he repeated his words one more time. “You’re perfect.”

You blinked a couple of times before hugging him one more time. You wanted to thank him for being so sweet and for helping you so much in this sweet way of his, understanding your pain and not incrementing it by judging you or scolding you. How did you get so lucky to have someone like him next to you?

“I’ll promise to help you, okay? I promise. By giving small steps like this you’re doing so much.” He said while looking at your reflection in the mirror, your gaze went to your skin color once again, looking at your arms with that specific expression but you quickly got distracted by the way his hands were holding yours. You immediately relaxed in his arms. He could make you feel so beautiful and strong so easily… it was stupid how much control he had on your feeling, but you were so glad of having such an angel next to you. “I’m so proud of you, baby.”

Whatever it takes, NCT can make it through Ins…

Whatever it takes, NCT can make it through
Inspired by the show Degrassi