So I write really shitty poetry like every oth…

So I write really shitty poetry like every other cliche 16 year old depressed girl and I was wondering if I should ever post it because like I really want to but idk how I feel about other people reading it,, sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you have any advice -cliche anon (I'm new)

I think it’s really cool that you write poetry! You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself and call it shitty I mean at least you’re writing right? Everyone starts somewhere and there’s always room for improvement if you’re not satisfied with your work. The way I see it, you should post when you’re ready and comfortable to. If you’re proud of your work, then show it off! If you’re not, no one is forcing you to share it. Sometimes writing is for yourself and to get your feelings out. But it sounds like you want to, so I say go for it you know?

About other people reading it, I think it’s important to receive feedback because that’s how you improve as a writer and who knows? Maybe they can inspire you to write more beautiful pieces! If you’re afraid of being judged, people are gonna do that regardless of how amazing your writing is. You can even do NOTHING and people will judge. It’s how life is sadly. Don’t let that stop you from doing what you love! Sometimes, you gotta just tell yourself “fuck it” and do it.

Apologies if this wasn’t the advice you’re looking for. I’m not the best at giving advice but I’m always here to listen and help!

Much love and good luck 🙂

i loved your degrassi edit! I used to watch th…

i loved your degrassi edit! I used to watch the show like 10 years ago (only with the cast that included drake). Did you? Also was that the new theme song? I liked the old one a lot better.

Thank you so much! I think the season I was most attached to is around season 10 and the season with cam. I’ve watched all the major moments on TNG and rn I’m watching all the episodes from the beginning bc I have time to so yay! Also, I was gonna use the original theme song but I felt the newer one fit NCT’s vibe more ya feel

when did jisung get lingual braces?????? lmao …

when did jisung get lingual braces?????? lmao i'm shook

hm I’m actually not too sure about that! It’s possible he could have had them for a while and we didn’t notice. His teeth look pretty straight so that’s just my guess 🙂

Yoooo I love gfriend they make me so happy my …

Yoooo I love gfriend they make me so happy my bias is Yuju but I’ve been getting extremely bias wrecked by Eunha and sinb mostly Eunha hahah so I might be double biased idk yet but I extremely love gfriend I got into them during rough era and I’m so happy I stanned!!!!

Yoooooo gfriend is like my favorite girl group of all time :(( stanned since their debut and it’s just amazing to see how far they’ve come!! my bias is sowon!! Wish-Nim as johnny said HAHA anyway I’m so glad you stan them! They’re a super cute, talented, and cool group 🦋