NCT’s reaction to their non-idol s/o getting praised for her look

Request: “Hello! I want to ask how will nct react to their non-idol s/o getting praised for her look?? Thank you💞💞”

A/N: This was really interesting to write??? I love it, lmao.


I don’t think that Taeil would pay much attention to this if I’m honest, but I can totally see him feeling quite proud and happy when hearing/seeing this positive comments about you. He would smile widely and keep silent, like he always does, and, later when both you two are alone, maybe point it out and joke about it with you.



Johnny would love this! And he would love to tease you about it but, unlike Taeil, he would do it in front of the cameras and in interviews. “Right? When I first saw her I just knew I had to go and talk to her.” or “Yeah, don’t even talk about it, she acknowledges this too and she just won’t stop talking about how beautiful she is.” He knows how easily embarrassed you got so he loves teasing you with comments like this. 



Taeyong is a person who cares a lot about the opinion of others about him and his decisions, so after getting such a positive reaction for your looks his heart would melt of happiness. Like Taeil, he would smile widely and giggle and the nice comments as he looks at the way your cheeks start to blush. “Don’t act like if you’re embarrassed! You’re pretty and you know it too well~”



Another boyfriend who would talk about this openly but, unlike Johnny who would love to bother you with funny comments, in front of the cameras he would say nothing but the sweetest and cheesiest things about you. “I really love her eyes, they’re really shiny and beautiful, aren’t they?” “Her lips are really cute too.” “She has a great skin as well!” But when it comes to talking to you, there is when he would love to tease you a bit before actually complimenting you sincerely and giving you the warmest hugs.



I feel like Kun would prefer to have more privacy in his relationship, so when interviewers, MC’s, fans, etc, talks about you and your looks he would simply smile and answer with little nods and short answers but never saying anything that could bring more attention to you. He would also feel happy for this positive response of the public and would definitely talk about it with you, wanting to know your opinion about it and wanting to make sure that you’re truly aware of how amazing you are.



Another member who would want privacy in his relationship but, in in difference to Kun, Doyoung tends to get quite annoyed when people don’t respect his private life and the people who are part of his life, so he might answer those comments in a cold tone and a not so smiley face because he doesn’t like when MCs or fans ask him about you personally. But, after entering on Twitter and seeing all the sweet comments he wouldn’t be able to help himself but smile a bit and feel quite relieved of the fact that you have got some kind of “approval” from the public. He’s not a cheesy guy so expect more sarcasm than sweet comments. “Look, my girlfriend is more famous than me now.” “You’re going to be a model now?” “I deserve half of your salary, without me you would be nothing.”



The happiest baby ever. When MCs start to joke about what a good taste he has on girls he would blush and suddenly get really flustered and embarrassed, like Kun, Ten wouldn’t give extended answers and wouldn’t talk much about you, yet he would love being asked about you, especially by sweet fans who would show their support to him and his relationship with you. He’s another member who cringes easily at cheesy comments, so I can see him joking in the same ways as Doyoung instead. 



Jaehyun is a pretty serious and professional guy so I can see him making short conversations about you, never being rude or disrespectful to those who ask him about you yet not giving much information or reactions that would be too crazy, but, like Ten, he would also adore being asked about you and his dimples and his red ears would always be visible whenever someone says your name in from of him. He would talk to you to know you opinion about it and even create a pretty interesting conversation about it, asking you if you feel comfortable with all this attention or if you have been feeling any more confident after reading and hearing such comments.



Winwin would feel a bit lost because he would have some kind of mixed feelings? One part of him would love to talk about you in interviews and would love hearing all this positive comments, every time someone says your name his eyes would shine and a wide smile would appear automatically on his face. But, the other part of him would be a bit scared of accidentally fucking up because he would never be sure when to stop, like he wouldn’t know if you would feel comfortable with him talking about you or just wouldn’t even be sure when he’s talking too much or when he’s, like always, accidentally changing topics and not only talking about your looks but also reveling a bit of your personality or about some of the things you like to do. Because of this he would also like to talk about it with you, since he would want you to feel respected and still keep some part of your privacy intact… if that’s what you want, of course.



I can see Jungwoo being a mix of Jaehyun and Yuta. First of all I don’t think he wouldn’t give too much attention to this but damn he would feel happy when he sees you all flustered and shy after reading some of the thousands of comments in your social media. That’s what would motivate him to talk about you in interviews and with fans, always measuring his words and being careful about what he says yet letting himself being a bit cheesy and flirty here and there. “She has a great body too.” “Her personality is just as good!” “She’s lovely, and she’s filled with charms and talents as well.” Of course if you dislike this he would stop, but talking about you to such a big quantity of people and letting everyone know that you’re his would make him so happy and proud that he just can’t help himself sometimes.


Uhm, I can actually see Lucas getting shy when he reads and hears such comments, giggling and only answering with nods and short answers before he immediately changes the topic. So much that, in this case, you could easily be the one making fun of him instead! “That cute MC kept talking about me, how was his name again? Do you think I can get his number?” “Look, Lucas, I’m more famous than you!” “I can’t believe I’m stealing your fans just with my beauty, when will you ever.” He would probably end up extremely flustered or getting his revenge by throwing his gigantic body over yours and starting a tickle fight.


Like Lucas, I can see Mark getting a bit flustered and quite… uncomfortable? He would prefer to ignore all those post about you on social media and, when he’s asked about you by a fan or by an interview, he would try to bring attention to other member or just change the topics as soon as possible because he would be scared of making a mistake or, simply, just to keep some privacy on your relationship. Yet, like Jaehyun, he would never be disrespectful or rude and simply give short answers and not much reaction.



Renjun is another shy member who wouldn’t be able to help himself but blush when he sees all the attention you are getting by the public. He would also feel really proud and happy of the positive reaction you got but only expressing himself towards you with ironic and sarcastic comments. “You got 1K of followers? Yep, they’re all my fans… you better give me back my fame, girl.” Yet he would high-key really love talking about you in interviews? He just would be too flustered and shy to do so properly and professionally, but he would talk calmly and try to keep you being the main topic for as long as he possible cans.



Same reaction as Mark? And a little bit similar to Jaehyun too. Jeno would be other member who would prefer some privacy so he would simply ignore the way your name and your pretty face was suddenly everywhere in the social medias, to be honest, he wouldn’t even pay attention to them. Yet he would think that is something important that you two should discuss and would end up in a conversation were you exchange opinions and let the other know certain limits when talking about each other.  



A mix of Taeyong and Yuta’s reactions. Haechan, as well as his leader, also cares a lot about what people think about him, so, after seeing such a great reaction from the media, he wouldn’t be able to help himself but feel extremely happy, even if he would prefer to keep some privacy on his relationship. He would also think that would be important to talk about ti with you, but after knowing your opinions and getting an idea on what things he can share with the fans and which ones he cant’s, he would joke about it with you, teasing you to then assure you that you’re indeed gorgeous and that he loves you a lot.



I can’t tell if he would be like Jungwoo or like Winwin, if I’m honest. I feel like Jaemin would be the member who feels the most comfortable talking about you to the point in where he would accidentally say way too much or just be really cheesy and clingy in front of everyone, feeling a bit embarrassed afterwards yet extremely proud of being able to show you off. But, in general, he’s pretty chill so I don’t think he would pay too much attention to this.



Exact same reaction as Mark!! Chenle is a little baby who wouldn’t know how to deal with this, so instead he would simply try his best to ignore it, or give short and cold answers so he can change the topics as soon as possible. He wouldn’t feel too comfortable with you being named so much and would try to be more careful when he’s on public with you, yet he would take this as a positive reaction of the fans and that would low-key make him really happy.



Another lost baby who would be a bit scared of the sudden attention you are getting. If he’s ever asked about you he would start stuttering and getting nervous, feeling scared of making a mistake or making you feel uncomfortable, yet he would be more open than Chenle when seeing the number of your followers in social media increase. “You must be thankful to me, right? It’s nothing, baby girl. ;)” He would joke a bit but let you know that he feel really happy not that he sees that he has the approval of so many people.