nctastrology: analyzing nct’s personalities! sun + moon interpretation. part one | part two |…



+winwin, scorpio sun + virgo moon.

  • has a very quick mind
  • does everything well, but works really hard for it too
  • secretly enjoys being praised 😀
  • //s t r e s s e d//
  • emotional but also really rational
  • not one to express his feelings, a bit shy/embarrassed to do it
  • worries a lot about small things
  • very pure(!!!!) and kind but also really self-critical
  • loves helping others, it makes him happy
  • always has good intentions but can get misunderstood easily

+jungwoo, pisces sun + scorpio moon.

  • //very// emotional child
  • honestly… i relate to him lmao
  • has some racy thoughts
  • not very open about what he feels
  • probably talks to himself a lot
  • very sensitive and intuitive
  • that mom friend
  • bottom but that will be discussed later 😉
  • passionate!!!!
  • is probably into mythology

+lucas, aquarius sun + taurus moon.

  • very patient and kind
  • but can be a bit of a weirdo when he’s excited
  • kinda skeptical
  • cautious, slow and stable
  • PROUD and stubborn 
  • supportive and sweet
  • eats well. *really* well. and by well i mean a lot
  • needs to sleep
  • !!!passive aggressive!!!
  • a lot of mood swings

+mark, leo sun + aries moon.

  • really fun and optimistic!!!
  • likes to do what he wants, can be quite reckless
  • can get moody and dramatic from time to time
  • very passionate
  • loves acting cool lol
  • will always be a kid at heart
  • vulnerable, pls protect
  • not really patient but that’s okay bby i love you anyway!!!
  • hard working
  • truly an open book

+renjun, aries sun + scorpio moon.

  • so many scorpio moons i’m running out of words lmao
  • guess what? iNTENSE
  • has no filter…. can be a savage whenever he feels like it
  • strong opinions
  • pours everything he is into what he loves
  • but has problems expressing himself too
  • sore loser
  • all or nothing™


  • determined and dedicated!!!
  • can be r e a l l y dramatic

+jeno, taurus sun + sagittarius moon.

  • fun and very spontaneous!!! 😀
  • so!!!!! nice!!!!! i can’t deal
  • thirsty for knowledge, can be really curious
  • boundaries? nah
  • loves meeting new people and making friends
  • probably loves conspirancy theories
  • loud and extra
  • vivid imagination, can get overwhelmed with his thoughts
  • c l i n g y
  • would make a great cheerleader

+haechan, gemini sun + leo moon.

  • very generous and expressive
  • can be quite bossy 
  • thinks he’s the cutest
  • wants compliments
  • //so much// wit
  • a savage but you already know that
  • works very hard, always does the most
  • very friendly
  • can’t hide what he feels
  • e x t r a, truly the mood maker

+jaemin, leo sun + capricorn moon.

  • hard working and very prideful
  • cares a //lot// about his image
  • so!!! talented!!! i’m
  • kinda emo
  • supportive!!! 😀
  • very independent
  • can get insecure very easily
  • needs stability and love ok
  • knows what he wants
  • stable and disciplined

+chenle, scorpio sun + aquarius moon.

  • easily misunderstood :/
  • very trustworthy believe me
  • c o n f l i c t e d
  • funny and kind 😀
  • really independent
  • very curious and open minded
  • so unique i love him
  • has 31 hidden talents
  • wants to change the world and will i support you chenle
  • you know him but ~you don’t know him~

+jisung, aquarius sun + scorpio moon.

  • wild
  • can look aloof at first but actually is really lovable
  • loves the unknown!!!
  • a big fan of art and science
  • stubborn(!!!!!!!)
  • can get over the top sometimes
  • really unpredictable
  • worries a lot about little things
  • very instinctive
  • *extremely* passionate