NCT helping you study

Request: “NCT2018 reaction when you have an exam and they try to help you with your difficult subjects . ty ❤”

A/N: Okay but this is so cute??? 💚


  • Taeil would accept your request right away, mostly because of the fact that he seems to, simply, not being able to deny any of your petitions, yet he wouldn’t feel too confident in his acknowledge and would be scared of not being able to help you.
  • But as soon as he reads the texts his eyes would shine and his face would be illuminate as he remembers his student days.
  • “I remember studying this! Yeah, it seems complicated but is actually pretty easy once you understand the basics.”
  • Then he would start explaining things calmly to you with simply words, in no time you would understand everything and you’ll end up getting surprising you by how smart and how good of a teacher he is.


  • “Johnny, can you help me translate this?” “In need of my acknowledge, I see, uhm? Of course I can help you, anything for a damsel in distress. Give me a second.”
  • He would brag and act in a silly way when he hears your petition, but after making some coffee for both of you, he would get in a more serious mood in explain things to you carefully and in a patient and sweet way, constantly asking you questions to make sure that you understood everything well.
  • Even if he would be more serious when explaining things to you, he would still make studying really funny by idk giving funny examples or just by allowing himself to be dorky and silly, trying, in that way, to avoid you from getting any stress.
  • In my opinion, he would be a great study buddy, he would be patient and sweet yet he would constantly be making you laugh and make things more relaxed and easygoing.


  • “What are you doing, honey?” “Studying. Wanna help me?” “Uh, sure! What do you need help with?” Taeyong would agree without thinking much about it, bad decision.
  • I can see this baby don’t understanding absolutely anything of what he reads in the text books and being more of a bother than a help since he would get distracted doing silly things to keep himself entertained.
  • “Look, Y/N! Isn’t this funny? Haha.”
  • But, when notices that he’s being a bother rather than help he would stop, kiss your forehead and apologize for not being able to help you, yet he would try to take some stress out of your shoulder by doing other things for you, like bringing you food and drinks, cooking and even cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about anything but your studies.


  • Yuta would be the completely opposite of Taeil, jfc.
  • Like Johnny, at first he would brag and bother you for needing his help, BUT, when he reads the contents of the book he would shut up and look at the papers in confusion, trying to find excuses to explain why he can’t understand the content of it.
  • “You’re studying this? Isn’t it… too hard? Not even I can’t understand this… and I promise you that I had good grades!”
  • He’ll end up giving up and, like Taeyong, try to help you by doing chores or, if he’s really determinate to help you, maybe by finding information on his phone about the topic you’re studying and trying to explain things to you.


  • At first Kun would react in the same way as Taeil, not being sure if he would be of much help yet agreeing to help you without doubts.
  • He would ask you to explain the basics of the topic and then ask you which part do you have problems with.
  • He would try his best to understand the text and would read it multiple times to make sure that he understood everything well before explaining what do you think the answer is.
  • But if he ends up being too frustrated and lost, like Yuta, he would probably search for a clearer explanation on the internet that could make things easier for you.


  • I feel like Doyoung would see education as an extremely important topic, so he wouldn’t doubt for one second to help you in anything you need without even teasing you for asking for help.
  • When reading the texts he would understand things right away and explain with ease all the things to you, making you realize right away why do you got so confused. AND THEN he would tease you, lmao.
  • “Are you kidding me, Y/N? That was so easy, you’re seriously really bad at studying, aren’t you? You’re lucky to have such a smart boyfriend like me.”
  • But he would end up smiling at you and continue helping you even if you didn’t needed him anymore, just because he would like to spend a relaxing time like this with you and because he found the topic of your study really interesting.


  • His reaction would be pretty much the same as Taeyong’s!
  • He would be in pure confusion when you give him all the papers and give up right away to go back to being an idiot and doing silly things.
  • “This is stupid, Y/N. I hate this.”
  • I can’t promise you that he would help you with cleaning and cooking like Taeyong would, he would just keep being an idiot and he’ll probably just end up distracting you from your studies, lmao.


  • Jaehyun, in my opinion, would be a mix in between Doyoung and Johnny.
  • I can also see him seeing education as something extremely important yet he’s still young and would like to make this little study dates with you fun and not stressing.
  • So even if he would be a great teacher and would explain everything clearly to you, he would still like to say cute things to you here and there and tell you to have little breaks so you can let your brain rest as well.
  • He would be really caring and patient and just a sweetheart overall. :’)


  • Confused. Confused the whole time.
  • Winwin is actually really smart and, after some minutes, he would understand things pretty well, but he wouldn’t be too sure of his answers and he’ll feel much more confident with the textbook and his phone, ready to google doubts, by his side.
  • Yet, by the end o the day, both of you would have a clear idea of the all the topics you studied together. ^^
  • Because, yes, just like Doyoung, he probably spent the rest of the day studying with you because he suddenly got so into the topic, lmao.


  • Exact same reaction as Taeyong here!!
  • “You need help, baby? I’ll try my best…”
  • But I don’t think that studying is his forte so… don’t spect much form this cutie, lmao.
  • But he would totally do stuff for you, like cleaning and bringing you something to eat and drink so you don’t get too stressed and you can enjoy delicious food as well.


  • Another idiot who would be useless when helping you to study, lol.
  • Lucas is the kind of person who would make you feel even more lost and confused.
  • “Ah! This is so hard, Y/N! Why are you even trying? Failing a class isn’t so bad after all…”
  • But, if you look in the positive side, he would make you laugh a lot and that would definitely reduce any stress that you’re studies are giving you. <3


  • Mark is another member who would agree to help you right away even when feeling quite insecure of his acknowledge.
  • “I may not be the best for this, okay? But I’ll give it a try.”
  • Like Winwin, he would finally understand after re-reading your notes a few times and after hearing you giving him a small explanation of what you understood so far, but in the end he’ll end up being a big help, even if he wouldn’t be the best when explaining.
  • He would struggle to find the right words to make his explanation understandable, and he would even giggle nervously as he talks, but eventually you’ll understand him and everything would be okay. :’)


  • I’m not sure why, but I can see Renjun low-key like Yuta at first? Lmao.
  • He would tease you for needing of his help, but then search for excuses when he realizes that he can’t understand nothing at all.
  • “Uh, Korean… is hard for me to understand it.” “Yeah, sure… I’ll just goggle it instead.”
  • He’ll end up giggling and admitting he was wrong as he hugs you, asking you if you need help in anything else before going somewhere else so you can study without distractions.


  • I can’t tell if he would actually be helpful or not in this situation, tbh, lmao.
  • I feel like Jeno is really smart and catch up with things pretty quickly but, if he ever gets stuck on something he doesn’t understands he would need to ask Doyoung for help because the doubt would be killing him. 
  • Yet, once he understand the topics he would explain cheerfully everything to you in that sweet and soft voice of his, constantly asking you if you understand his explanation and if there is anything else you need help with.
  • He wouldn’t get too into the topic to study with you the whole day like Doyoung or Winwin would do, but he would make sure to stay in silence somewhere near you to don’t distract you and to help you right away if you get stuck once again while studying.


  • When you ask him for help he would be ready to tease you and brag about how intelligent he is and how you need of him to pass your classes, but as soon as he sees the math problems all his confidence would drop tot he floor.
  • “Why are you asking me about this? I can barely do my own homework, Y/N.”
  • Yet he would accept the challenge and explain the best as he cans how he would resolve it and constantly ask you if he was doing it well. Smiling satisfied when he sees that his answer is right.
  • He would find this study date thingy really interesting and fun and would even motivate him to bring his own books and do his homework in the moment. Don’t get surprised is this suddenly becomes an every day thing in your relationship.


  • I can’t tell if he would be of much help or not, but I can totally assure you that this study date thingy would DEFINITELY be a part of your every day lives from now on.
  • I can see Jaemin getting distracted in you and your voice so much that he wouldn’t even listen to the way you would try to explain the math problem to him.
  • “I’m sorry, beautiful, I’m not sure on how to do it.” “Did you even listened to me, Jaemin?” “Not at all, princess.”
  • But the heart eyes and the little smile on his face would make him seem too adorable for you to get angry to him, so it’s fine. <3


  • Chenle is another loud and extroverted member who just can’t keep quiet so… I wouldn’t even recommend you to ask him for help in the first moment, he would just be a terrible distraction.
  • He would confess that himself too, lmao.
  • “Oh, you need help? I can call Doyoung hyung, he’s good with things like this.” “Can’t you help me?” “I can’t understand anything of what it says in there! You know I’m not good with Korean yet.”
  • He would totally use silly things like being a foreigner as an excuse to don’t help you because, let’s be honest, that’s boring and this little kiddo just wants to watch anime and sleep instead. So… yeah, I’m sorry. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • This poor baby would be lost in pure confusion.
  • His reaction would be a bit similar to Haechan’s, even if he wouldn’t tease you much he would still ask you why did you asked him for help when he’s always so clueless about everything.
  • “I have to do my homework too, Y/N… should I ask one of the hyungs to help us?”
  • You two would either ended up needing Taeil or Johnny’s help or just decide to leave homework for later and play around instead. <3