NCT Dream’s reaction to waking up with you hol…



A/N: Ya girl didn’t got much time today to write so I’ll just post this lil Dream reaction I wrote for myself. 💕 


Mark would become really giggly and flustered right away. He would think that the image was extremely adorable and he wouldn’t be able to stay still and just hold you. loser to him, probably waking you up. “Morning, hehe.” He wouldn’t say anything about it and keep this cute moment to himself, letting you a bit confused when you wake up in between kisses and “I love you’s”.


Renjun would react in the same way as Mark! He would really appreciate moments like this and he would be so excited that he’d keep giggling and getting flustered until you wake up. He wouldn’t say anything about it and let you realize on your own, laughing with you now that you were aware of this cute moment. “Should we get some breakfast, honey?” He’ll definitely be in the best mood ever and would have a wide smile the entire day.


The happiest little angel. The second Jeno opened his eyes he could feel that his hand was being held by something, and when he turned around to see you sleeping peacefully next to him his heart melted on his chest. A smile immediately appeared on his face and he even giggled a little as he held your hand tenderly, being careful to not wake you up so he could have some more time too keep admiring your features.



Haechan would even get a little scared when he wakes up with the feeling of someone holding him, but when he recognizes the familiar delicacy of your hands he would smile widely and grab his phone right away to take photos of this sweet moment and of your sleepy face as well, wanting to keep the memory. Once you wake up, he’ll only tease you about it, but he would have a wide smile on his face and a different behavior with you the entire morning, being more cuddly and touchy, letting you know that, despite of his silly comments, he loved young treasured every moment by your side.



Normally, when you two sleep together and he’s the one waking up first, he loves to get out of bed as soon as possible to have plenty of time to prepare a nice and delicious breakfast for you and surprise you with his deadly sweet recipes, but… not today. Not after waking up with your fingers interlaced with his and his hand resting on your chest, allowing him to feel your heartbeat. He’ll probably let you sleep a little more, studying your features as he waits for you to wake up. But, if he notices that is getting a little late and you’re still sleeping, he’ll wake you up with hugs and kisses and ask you to help him with breakfast and then proceed to cook in between kisses, hugs and little giggles.



Chenle would freeze completely and probably stare at your hands for a while, not being exactly sure on what to do. Eventually, he’ll slowly move his fingers and, after some long minutes, his hand would be free… but he would feel empty. He would regret his decision almost immediately and, despite of leaving the bed to wash his face and brush his teeth, the thought of you and the mental image of your hands holding him wouldn’t leave his mind in any second. That’s when he decided to wake you up and ignore his shyness just for once to spend this lazy morning time together to cuddle and return all the affection and love you gave him.



Jisung would also feel really awkward and extremely flustered after waking up with your hands holding onto each other, he would also probably separate and feel a certain feeling of emptiness when he’s apart from you but, unlike Chenle, he wouldn’t go back to you, he would be too shy. He’ll probably simply start making breakfast for both of you in silence, and once you wake up he’ll still would be pretty silent but a little smile and a soft blush would stay on his face the entire day.

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