N.Achieve #6: Rules.

A/N: Thank you very much for reading my rules, it’s a subtle way of showing respect to me and I really appreciate it. I hope you have a good day/afternoon/night and I hope that you enjoy my writings as well! 💕💖

  • No smut. I won’t accept smut requests now and I’ll never do. Don’t try to “convince me” to do so because I just won’t, okay? I respect every single member with my entire life and I just can’t look at them as a sex toy that you look up to have some fun and pleasure. No. And if that’s not enough for you, I’d like to point out that I’m still underage. So just don’t fucking dare.

  • No sensitive topics. No raping, self harm, mental health, etc. Just don’t. This blog was created to share happiness and entertainment, this just won’t work out.

  • No ships or poly couple requests. Makes me uncomfortable. And, if possible, try to avoid including more than one member in a request. I like my scenarios to be focused in one specific member.

  • If you don’t specify if you want a headcanon/scenario I’ll just write the one that I’ll think that would be the best. It happens a lot and I always do the same: “Would this request fit better a scenario or a headcanon?” Then I choose one of the two. If you want something specific please let me know.

  • I decided to only write about specific subunits. I love all 18 members but writing for all of them in one go is not something easy to do. Takes too much time and it can be pretty stressing since I might run out of creativity and make lots of the reactions repetitive or hit writer’s block. I’ll accept reactions for NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream and liners (for example, the Hyung Line or the Foreigner line to the ‘94 Liners or the ‘00 Liners) as well as only taking request for individual members (for example, only requesting a reaction for Taeil, Kun, Winwin, Renjun and Chenle and not the rest of them).

  • Please be patient. I tend to be busy with school, projects and just life, you know? Also, it drives me insane when people keep asking about their requests over and over again. I have a To-Do List that would confirm you if I got your request or not, and if you don’t see it in there after a couple of days please message me again because it’s common that Tumblr has mistakes like that and I don’t get some requests. I also don’t answer asks until the request is actually posted.

  • I can and will turn down requests if they don’t follow these rules, if I don’t feel comfortable doing so or just if I don’t feel confident writing them. As you may notice, I write mostly fluff and angst and I give my opinions on how the members might react in certain situations but when it comes to other stuff I’m just terrible. I have seen really talented people doing incredible Wolf/Vampire/Weird and Magical!Aus that… are interesting, but they aren’t really my style? So I beg for you not to recommend anything like that.

  • Check if requests are open before requesting. This one is so obvious, I know, but it keeps happening. In my ask box there should be a text informing you if my requests are open or closed. In case of being in a mobile device, at the very bottom of the link in my bio and in every single one of N.Achieve that I have there should also be a little text informing you. Please respect whenever the ask box is closed because there is always a reason behind it, okay? Too much requests, too little time, too many projects… there is always a reason.

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