Let's play! 💕 Answer this with nct dream…

Let's play! 💕 Answer this with nct dream: Hold hands with ___. Cuddle with ___. Being kissed by ___. Have fun with ___. Take a nap with ___. Movie night with ___. Spend the day with ___.

Hold hands with: Jeno? ; Honestly I don’t mind it for this one, any of them is alright. 🤓 But Jeno is my crush so yeah.

Cuddle with: Haechan ; My boy likes cuddles, I like cuddles… we’ll just become a cuddly mess together and just be happy, you know? 💝 Also, he probably is the best in Dream at cuddling so yeah. 😌 Also Haechan is my boyfriend, #fact.

Being kissed by: Jeno ; I wasn’t sure which member to chose because, same as the first one, I’m fine with em all. 🤪 But he’s my crush okay. Also I’m curios about his skills™, lmao.

Have fun with: Maknae line aka my sons ; Chenle and Jisung are the only members who are younger than me so I just wanna be able to take care of them and baby them as much as I want with the excuse that I’m older than them. 💕💖 But if I have to chose only one member would probably be Chenle because together we form the ‘01 line. 😎

Take a nap with: Mark ; He had said before that he really loves being lazy and prefers to lay in bed instead of doing activities outside any day and, same, lmao. So I feel like it would be nice to just spend the afternoon with him being lazy and sleeping. 💕

Movie night with: Renjun ; If I’m not wrong, Renjun once said before that he’s only interested in horror movies and that he falls asleep whenever he watches movies of other genres, lmao, meanwhile I don’t have much knowledge about horror movies since I’m more into boring films, lmao, so it would be nice to discuss with him about the sceneries, the especial effects, the story, and all of that. 

Spend the day with: Hyung line ; They’re just really fun and interesting guys, okay? Especially Renjun, he’s personality is like so interesting and cool? If I had to chose only one member it would be him because I would just love to spend the day with him and hopefully get to know him a little better. 🤧💕