in your making out with jaehyun (which i loved…

in your making out with jaehyun (which i loved btw) you said he could be one of the top 3 kisses in nct, who are the other 2? love your work! 💓

Damn, I said that about Jaehyun? 👀 What was I thinking? 👀👀👀 Lmao, joking. I didn’t actually wrote that with like three specific members on mind, one of them being Jaehyun, it was just like a way of saying that if I had to chose a top 3… Jaehyun would be there. 👅 But, answering your question: Johnny, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Lucas and Haechan would be the best???

Also, thank you very much, boo! 💕💖