Hey beautiful i’m new on tumblr and i want some creative blogs as yours for NCT ofc to follow! Can you suggest me some? 💚💚

Hey, sweet! Tbh, I don’t really follow that many blogs but I’m still going to make a little list here for you. ^^

  • @nakamotens and @dovounq: They make lovely gifs of our boys and keep the fandom updated with their posts. I really appreciate all the hard work they put into their gifs and everyone should because they’re all seriously really talented. 💚
  • @textingnct and @peachytexts: This two accounts make really cute and funny NCT texts and I swear I could spend hours just reading their work because is so entertaining, lmao. Totally would recommend this cuties to you! 💕
  • @ncttheories: This is one of the most creative NCT blogs you’ll probably find. They make great theories about everything and keep the fandom updated as well. Is really interesting to read their post. 💝
  • @smiley-yuta: This would probably my favorite reaction/headcanon account? I feel like her work is really organized and she expressed her ideas well when writing, so is really enjoyable to read. ^^
  • @ask-yo-dream and @ask-nct-hyung-line: This are another really creative and deadly cute blogs that I really love. I’m always looking forward for the next cute drawings of the members and I just love the innocent yet funny backstories of each posts. I just love this account a lot. 💖
  • @smittenbyschmidt: This sweetheart makes the best moldboards and instagram edits I’ve seen, she’s just so ??? creative ???? and funny ???? I love it, I wish I could create such cool content like she does. 😪💕

And that’s it, I guess, haha. Is not much but they’re all great and I totally recommend following them. 💕💚