Dear Moon Taeil,

Today aheads a pretty special day not only for you but for everyone who had the opportunity of acknowledging the fact that you, such a talented and kind-hearted person, is breathing and working hard for his dreams and ambitions, always putting them as a priority yet never forgetting those who you have by your side. You’re always motivating and inspiring them to work as hard as you do and you’re always relieving their stress and tiredness with your silly jokes and comments, and you’re probably not even aware of the positive impact that you make in all of them, right?

You’re filled with different charms and talents, and you’re so strong… you’re never afraid of trying out new things, of difficult challenges or not even afraid of failure either. How can you do it so well? Having so many responsibility over your shoulders yet always having time to have fun and to smile even through tiring moments or sad occurrences? It’s incredible. I’m probably not wrong when I say that more than one person takes you as a role model, as someone to follow and to learn from, because you’re seriously so incredible and this necessity of yours to help others and to make their days a little happier with some humor or by comforting them is just beautiful.

Anyways, despite of having so much more to express and to tell you I’ll simply finish my little letter here because, it doesn’t matter how hard I try, I would never be able to express with accuracy how thankful I am to you for all your efforts or how much I love you and treasure you.

Moon Taeil, you’re half fifty now! Make sure to live the rest of your days with that precious smile of yours in your face, and to always look up because the path we are going to walk through these next years is bright and happy, and I want both of us to remember every single moment next to each other with a smiles on our faces.

Happy birthday, Taeil. Let’s work hard to live happily and to make our dreams come true.