Advices; Jisung.

Request: “Hi anon! Can you please make a scenario of Jisung asking the Hyung line how they should ask Y/N out? Thank you💞! (YOU’RE AN AMAZING WRITER!!)”

Genre: Fluff.

Warnings: None.

Word count: 780.

“Honestly, I just think you have to be direct with her, you know?” Jisung sighed at the words of the older member, losing his straight posture when he lay down on the couch, regretting bring up the topic.

“Of course he has to, do you think he doesn’t know it by now?” He sighed once again when the members started discussing newly and simply decided to close his eyes for a while, trying to calm the sudden stress he was starting to feel. 

His mind was extremely confused by now. He not only had to spend the entire hour listening to different members who would give different advices on how he should act and what should he say, but also have to listen to them agreeing and disagreeing, changing opinions and even make some jokes about his situation. He was tired, and ten times more lost and confused that he originally was.

“… But anyways, I think he’ll do great in his confession.” The leader added, getting an approval nod of all the members.

“Confession? Confession to who?” Jisung eyes opened widely when he heard your sweet voice. When did you come? Was he seriously so busy trying to ignore the voice of the members to the point of not hearing those three knockings on the door that you’ll do so softly with your knuckled that never failed to excite him?

“Oh, it’s a secret!” Yuta answered, sticking out his tongue playfully at you and giggling at the little pout you did in response. A second later he was opening his arms to greet you with one of his warm hugs. “We can’t tell you but you’ll discover it soon… Hopefully.”

Jisung’s cheeks turned red immediately when he heard the comment, and in no time the other members started teasing him just to embarrass him even more on purpose. Weren’t they suppose to be helping him? What if all this time they were  just playing with him to embarrass him even more in front of you? What if all their advices were just lies? He gulped nervously.

“Guys, you’re being extremely childish now.” You commented, and you immediately got all the attention of the boys who were smiling brightly.

“So… defending your boyfriend, aren’t you, Y/N?”


Jisung’s heart almost bursted of happiness in that moment, yet he stayed in silence while the members continued chatting just for a little longer before putting the excuse of having to leave because of work, leaving both of you completely alone.

“I-I’m sorry that they said those things about us… I’ve told them not to but… yeah.” You smiled at the way his cheeks were still bright red and how he would keep playing nervously with his hands, but you stopped his actions by interlacing your fingers with his. He raised his eyebrows and immediately looked back at you in a surprised expression, making you giggle.

“It’s fine! We both now I don’t have an opportunity anyways.” You said in a sad giggle to then look down. Jisung got surprised at how direct were the words that just left your mouth, being pronounced in such coldness yet so calmly. A little moment of silence happened before you started talking once again.  “Uh, I’m sorry. I-I’ll come back in a second, I-I need some fresh air.”

You stood up immediately, wanting to leave the room immediately. You could feel your heart dropping tot he floor when you had to let go the warmness of his hand but, even before you could even give one step forward, you felt your wrists being held by Jisung’s hand. When you turned around you saw him looking back at you with sincere eyes, and another sad smile appeared on your face when your gaze looked at his eyes and noticed him gulping nervously.

After deadly slow five seconds of silence passed, he changed his position by holding your hands once again to then finally get close enough to you to kiss you. 

“I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about.” You shyly hugged the boy in front of you, hiding the embarrassment in your face from him by placing your head on his chest. “This was that secret Yuta was talking about so much?”

“Uh, yes…” He said, hoping for the hug to lost a little longer since he still wasn’t able to calm down. It was useless anyways, you possibly could feel the way his heart was beating at the speed of sound. “Clearly, I didn’t followed any of their advices.”

You laughed at his comment, leaving a little innocent kiss on his neck before separating from his embrace.

“So… should we go to out first date?”