[Anonymous: Hi~, could I request an NCT scenario where the main character is cold to strangers, has a hardcore resting bitch face, appears really strong and independent, maybe a bit manly?, but she jokes around a lot with her few close friends, and has a beautiful smile, when she finally does smile. I don’t have a specific member in mind, just whoever you think would be attracted to her and be up of for the challenge of getting her 🙂]

Genre: Scenario, medieval/fantasy au

Pairing: haechan x fem!reader

Word Count: 3.7k (…what even)

Summary: “Lee Donghyuck is a mix of everything warm and sweet on the surface but underneath all of it, you can sense the icy cold water running in his blood.”

A/N: I’m doing this in bulleted format because I don’t have the time nor
energy to write a full scenario even though prince!hyuck is a whole damn
concept (btw, I’m using the request as a little introduction to a yujae  fic I’m working on).

Warnings: minor character death, like you can guess the rest this a medieval!au

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